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Well Brush & Bail


As part of our cleaning process we have the capabilities to brush and bail any well casing from 4” up to 24” in diameter.  By the use of high strength bristled brushes it allows us to remove as much as 90% of mineral or bacterial debris (iron bacteria or slime) that may be on the inside of the well casing or screen.  You can physically remove most of this debris prior to any chemical treatment by brushing the screen only for mineral scale or brushing from the static level to the bottom of the well for bacterial debris.  Airlifting debris from the very bottom of the well is CRITICAL to well performance.  Airlifting debris is a single operation that can be done by utilizing a sand pump.  Applications with low static levels may require pumping debris from the well-bottom.

Advantages of Brush and Bail:

Less chemistry required as the debris on the inside is already removed

Easier access of chemistry into the formation

Use poly brushes for PVC or metal casing/screens for slime/iron bacterial problems.