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Well Acid Descaler


When a brush and bail cleaning techniques are just not enough to properly guarantee the functionality, longevity and flow in a well,  we rely on a chemical method by utilizing a liquid descaler product from Cotey Chemical Corporation.  This is a chemical process that has been historically effective on well cleaning when used in a safe and environmentally compliant manner.


Why use Liquid Descaler?


  • Remove biofilm produced by slime-forming bacteria, such as that produced by iron-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing bacteria.
  • Act as an excellent chelating agent (tie up) on iron sulfates and iron chlorides.
  • Dissolve carbonate, sulfate, magnesium and iron deposits (mineral deposits).
  • Keep dissolved solids in suspension more efficiently than other mineral acids improving well rinse-out.
  • Descale shop equipment corroded with iron scale.

At Applied Ingenuity LLC. We make use of Cotey Chemicals' LIQUID DESCALER .